• From the Field September 28, 2017Grace and peace be with all of you. We thank God for your prayers and the support you faithfully offer to us all the time. God has been faithful for the gift of open doors to our message and ministry, especially to newer communities.  Ministry Update:  Our grand plan of ministry is to establish mission hubs in strategic ...Read More

  • From The Field December 13, 2016Greetings in the name of our Lord! From the field, we would like to share our joys and challenges with you. We always count on your partnership as you help bear our burden through prayer and material support. Our unity of purpose on what God has embraced in our hearts shall one day be achieved.  Situation ...Read More

  • Update From The Field July 6, 2016Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.  God has been gracious to us, and we thank him for the great progress our ministry is making. Mobile Health Program The villages we are reaching for Christ are situated in places where access to any medical help is unthinkable.  They therefore resort to other ways, such as witchcraft, ...Read More

  • Pokot Outreach Ministries – South Sudan Update March 30, 2016The goal of POM in South Sudan is to reach all people, regardless of tribe, age or circumstance.  I have been serving here for almost two years.  In that time, we have made significant progress in establishing relationships with the local Toposa tribe.  Our church is growing and we continue to send pastors out to ...Read More

  • Adventure in America March 30, 2016In October, Julius Murgor, Reuben Meriakol and Becky Chebet, from Pokot Outreach Ministries, traveled to the United States to visit their long-time supporters.  It was the first trip to the US for Reuben and Becky!  Julius is the director of Pokot Outreach Ministries, our partner in Kenya.  Reuben is the first Pokot missionary, now living ...Read More

  • Off The Streets March 30, 2016The goal of our ministry in Kapoeta is to reach out to whomever we can, regardless of age and tribe.  Everyone deserves God’s grace; therefore, everyone in Kapoeta center is a potential target of our ministry as we aspire to be effective witnesses of the Gospel.  We do this by paying attention to every window ...Read More

  • A New Frontier for POM March 25, 2013By:  Reuben Mariakol “When I went to southern Sudan about six years ago, I saw people whose dreams and livelihoods were shattered by war. I saw the returning refugees that had fled to different camps in East Africa come back to their country with great anxiety and agony in their hearts when they thought of how ...Read More

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