Harvesters International Ministries news from our partners around the world:

  • Growing Myanmar Bible College December 13, 2017What an exciting year for Myanmar Bible College! The college is now offering a Bachelors in Theology, as well as a shorter program, which provides a Diploma in Theology. In February, 14 young men and women graduated from MBC. We added 15 freshmen this year and now have a total of 44 students. Earlier this year, ...Read More

  • From the Field December 13, 2017Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of man plans his way, BUT the LORD directs his steps.” Ironically, and with some surprise, unplanned circumstances over the past few months dictate that we begin this update with this Scripture and its attendant meaning! We unexpectedly returned to the States due to a significant trial in the club we ...Read More

  • Bringing Hope to Orphans December 13, 2017It has been amazing to watch God pour His blessings upon the ministry in Russia throughout this year! It began with God’s provision for Sergey and Anya, which allowed them to rescue five orphan siblings that were living in different orphanages throughout eastern Russia. The kids are all now living together, are well adjusted, and learning ...Read More

  • Partnering With Church Planters September 28, 2017“Go and make disciples of all nations” is the familiar commission of Christ to His followers. It’s also the core focus of our ministry partners throughout Africa and Asia. On the front lines of this effort are the evangelists, church planters, and pastors that God has called to the daily task of making disciples.  In Romans ...Read More

  • From the Field September 28, 2017Grace and peace be with all of you. We thank God for your prayers and the support you faithfully offer to us all the time. God has been faithful for the gift of open doors to our message and ministry, especially to newer communities.  Ministry Update:  Our grand plan of ministry is to establish mission hubs in strategic ...Read More

  • Threads of a New Life September 28, 2017Every person has a purpose and is valued by God. In many cultures, women are not as highly valued as they should be. Our partners are committed to empowering women to reach their full potential and to be confident in their value to God and in society.  To this end, several of our ministry partners offer ...Read More

  • Women of Pokot September 28, 2017The Women of Pokot ministry is focused on encouraging and discipling women in the harsh world of western Kenya. Partnering with People on Mission, its goal is to train up women who are committed to reaching other women in the community and sharing God’s love with them. The ministry also supports the National Zero Tolerance ...Read More

  • From the Field March 20, 2017By God’s grace and sovereignty, we have experienced some wonderful highlights in 2016. We completed the transition from a broad-based ministry model to one where we concentrate on serving a single church in a single location. This has been a difficult transition, but we are deeply committed to the church as God’s vehicle in the ...Read More

  • Volunteer Spotlight March 20, 2017Meet Kathy Paschall – a faithful servant who is making a difference in the lives of the Pokot children in western Kenya. For the past six years, Kathy has traveled to Kenya with which administers the child sponsorship program for Pokot Outreach Ministries, our partner there.  Kathy and her husband, Dr. Mark Paschall, along with ...Read More

  • Will You Help? March 20, 2017As always, we covet your prayers while we continue to share the light of the Gospel in India. This primarily Hindu nation is a dark place, but we continue to be encouraged as we see the church continue to grow.  One of the ways that we reach the lost in India is through education. The schools ...Read More